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HHIS is the right destination for procuring high-quality Purlin at the best competitive price. Our steel house is renowned for the extensive range of C Purlin and Z Purlin. HHIS is the people’s trusted Authorized JSW Purlin Dealer/Distributor in South India. Roof Purlin is a significant construction material component in steel structures. The durability and reliability of Purlins rely on the materials preferred in the fabrication of Purlins.

We earned the people’s trust with our reliable Roof Purlin offerings. HHIS has a huge market share for trading and wholesaling JSW C and Z Purlins in Tamil Nadu. As one of the prestigious authorized dealers of JSW Steel, we procure Steel Purlins directly from the manufacturer.

The dimension of a Purlin is a critical element, and it determines the construction efficiency of a metal building structure. The aesthetic appeal of a steel structure relies on the connections made in the structure. We, the C and Z Purlins Manufacturers, ensure the indoor and outdoor aesthetics of the steel building are enhanced with our products' design metrics. Purlins are subjected to mild to heavy load bearing and are calculated based on the position of the Purlin connected to it. HHIS’ Purlins outperform in bearing load capacity, ensuring even load distribution from the roof to the pillar. Purlins we manufacture are rated as the best quality Purlins by engineers, constructors, and architects. HHIS has fulfilled the expectations of our customers regarding the outlook for technical and structural requirements.

The primary function of C Purlin is to provide support in the form of wall joists and beams. JSW C Purlin exceeds the expectations of our customers. The design, fabrication, dimension, and thickness of C Purlins are uniform, enabling the reliable construction of structures. HHIS is the destination for Roof/C Purlin solutions for most customers in the industry. Our team practices of stringent quality testing helped us deliver Roof Purlin of defined dimensions in every lot and a batch of order dispatch. We, the JSW C Purlin Dealers, deliver Purlin solutions for constructing PEB Structures with reliable specifications.

The ductility, scalability, and workability of an HHIS C Purlin ensure faster installation and construction. The hardness of the Roof Purlin fabricated is secured by its defined thickness. The manufactured Steel C-Purlin enables the worker to drill boulting holes efficiently. C Purlins from HHIS do not expand or contract due to the change in weather conditions. The hardness of the Roof Purlin does not deform when boulting is done. We, the JSW C and Z Purlins Suppliers, offer purlins for constructing complex steel structures.

Z Purlins from HHIS have a predefined dimension and angle of purlin formation. We, the JSW Z Purlin Dealers, ensure the Purlins we deliver and supply to our customers are highly efficient. The angle of a Purlin greatly determines the value of a Z Purlin. Our testing parameters include procuring the purlins free from angle tolerances. The design detailing of the JSW Z Purlins is uniform throughout the length and width of the steel purlin. Z-Purlins are highly preferred to build a strong connection between the roofing sheet and the steel structure. The key feature of the Roof Purlin from HHIS is that it enables the builder to extend the span coverage of the roofing by Purlin overlapping.

Roof Purlins such as C Purlin and Z Purlin have been featured with high strength and are suitable for constructing a sloped roof structure irrespective of the slope angle. To address our customers’ concerns, HHIS is stocked with Purlin of various thicknesses and sizes. As the Authorized JSW Purlin Dealer/Distributor/Supplier, we offer the best-grade Roof Purlins to our customers, keeping the buffer time and critical business transactions very short.


IS:1786 Fe415 and IS:1786 Fe500 grade steels(IS:Indian Standard)


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value


Width (150 mm to 350 mm)

Available Sizes

1.6 mm to 2.5mm



Frequently Asked Questions

Does HHIS merchandise Purlins wholesale?

Yes. We offer C-Purlin and Z-Purlin for wholesale price and bulk quantities.

To what geographies are the Roof Purlins ready to transport?

Customers located across South India receive our transportation for the purchase order of Purlins.

What are the Purlin brands HH Iron and Steel deals with?

We deal with the highly valued brand JSW Steel.

What is the available Purlin width at HHIS?

At HHIS, we offer roof purlin widths of 150 mm to 350 mm to our customers.


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