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Are you very much concerned about the quality of Steel Beams? HH Iron and Steel is the industry’s most reputed Steel Beam Supplier in Coimbatore. The Steel Joists we procured are of the highest quality and deliver matchless and extraordinary functionality. MS Beam has the most demanding physical properties, making it the preferred choice for constructing steel structures, even in complex steel buildings.

HHIS Steel Beam assists the structural engineers in designing the building layout, keeping in mind the required characteristics of the beam. The dimensional tolerances are assured; hence the construction of steel structures is executed at the defined angle. Our team supplies I-Beam procured from the industry’s leading manufacturers SAIL, Vizag Steel, and Jindal Steel & Power. HHIS ensures the fabrication technique our vendors practice to manufacture Steel Beams.

Flange and Web thicknesses are the key product requirements that define the Steel Beam’s effectiveness. We, the I-Section Steel Beam Manufacturers, offer beams featuring uniform thickness in both web and flange. The surface finish of the Steel Beam pulls the attention of constructors to prefer HHIS Steel Beams. We manufacture Joist Beams with efficient painting works that assist our customers to bring out the desired building aesthetic uniformity. The inner and outer surface finish lets our customers bring out the building’s aesthetic outlook. In addition to structural requirements, the aesthetical appeal and ambience can be ensured with HHIS Steel Joists. The boulting connections of steel beams are firm and rigid, as the thickness of the I-Beam is evenly fabricated.

HHIS Steel Beams are fabricated with corrosion-resistant properties, which fulfill the requirements of our customers. Steel Beams are highly exposed to working conditions, varying from industry to industry. HHIS, the leading Mild Steel Beams Supplier, assists our customers in preferring the steel solution in all sorts of industrial working conditions. In addition, the Mild Steel Beams are also free from thermal expansion and contraction. These properties eliminate the chances of recurring costs. The hardness of an I-Beam from HHIS enables the user to equip the steel structure at different positions. The hardnesses and thicknesses of a Steel Beam are proportional to the load-bearing capacity of the beam. HHIS Steel Beams are featured with significant load-bearing capacity and property. Thus, it bears and transfers the load evenly to the connected steel structures without tension or deformations.

Steel Beams are available in various weight requirements and are selected depending on the structural requirements. HHIS, the authorized Steel Beam Supplier/Dealer/Distributor of SAIL, Vizag Steel, and Jindal Steel & Power, offers I-Beam at various variants of tonnes to satisfy the crucial requirements of our customers. Hence, we are the one-stop Steel Beam solution provider in the market. The durability of the beams is quite the concern of the engineers and builders. At HHIS, we offer highly durable beams of the highest grade that lasts longer without affecting the beam's functionality. HHIS Steel Beams outperforms the market with its durable properties. The need for recurring and periodic maintenance of the steel structures is minimized to the maximum extent as the Steel Beams we procure are featured with extraordinary durability.

The span length of a steel beam has to be adjusted with respect to the steel structure requirements. HHIS Steel Beams are featured with workability enabling the user to cut the beam as per our dimensional requirements. The cutting edges result in precision and accurate cuts. Steel Beams withstand the vibration developed during the installation process of steel structures without developing stress/strain. We, the Steel Beam Suppliers, procure Mild Steel Beam with lightweight properties; the beams are suitable to deform at the defined stress. Hence, the beams can be preferred in the structural positions where the beams have to be deformed. HHIS Steel Beams are greatly preferred in the construction of steel structures, ships, elevators, and dock buildings.


IS: 2062


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

All Sizes of JOIST ( 100 x 50 mm – 600 x 210 mm)


Sail Inhousebrands ISI

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mild Steel Beams Wholesale available at HHIS?

We are the authorized Steel Beam Wholesale Dealer in Coimbatore and offer beams at the best price.

What are the geographies HHIS transport Steel Beams?

We transport Mild Steel Beams to our customers across South India.

What are the brands HHIS deals with?

We are the authorized Steel Beam Dealer/Distributor/Supplier of Jindal Steel & Power, SAIL, and Vizag Steel.

What are the Joist Beam grades available at HHIS?

We offer Steel Joists of the specification IS 2062


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