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Are you looking for the highest quality Hot Rolled Steel Sheet? HH Iron and Steel is rated as the people's most trusted and preferred HR Sheet Distributor/Dealer/Supplier in the industry. The Hot Rolled Sheet from our outlet delivers greater functions and is suitable for fabricating products of various industrial applications. HHIS offers HR Steel in sheets and in coils to satisfy customer requirements.

The fabrication process determines the reliability of the steel sheet/coil. Hot Rolled Sheets/Coil from our outlet outperform the aspect of reliability. We are one of the highly rated authorized HR Sheet Dealers/Suppliers of JSW Steel and SAIL in South India, dealing with the most reliable steel sheets. Our fleet of collections of Hot Rolled Steel Coils assisted our customers in procuring their steel solution under one roof.

HHIS' Hot Rolled Steel Sheet enables our customers to have hands-on control over the workability and malleability of the steel sheets. Our team follows a stringent testing procedure to source the sheets with the desired physical properties. The malleability of the steel sheets from HHIS assists our customers in deforming the sheet into the required steel forms. The material composition in the fabrication of the sheet delivers outstanding functioning of the steel subjecting to varying working conditions.

The preference for Hot Rolled Steel from HHIS, the HR Sheet Manufacturers, is significantly higher than other available steel coils in the market. The precision and accuracy of our Hot Rolled Coil deformation aid our customers in producing steel products with the defined dimension. When offering high-quality rolled steel coils, HHIS is the go-to steel destination for industrialists and property developers.

Weldability is one of the prime requirements and preferences for the JSW HR Sheet. Our steel house offers Hot Rolled Steel Sheets with better weldability properties. The rolled sheet's carbon content and other ore compositions enable the worker to produce defined welding requirements without exceeding the predefined tolerances. The quality excellence of the sheet significantly relies on the thickness of the HR coil. HHIS, one of the leading JSW HR Sheet Suppliers, supplies steel sheets of uniform thickness of every batch and lot delivered to our customers. The uniform sheet thickness enhances performance efficiency through its tensile properties. As the authorized Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Dealer of SAIL and JSW Steel, HHIS addresses our customers' concerns about the sheets' uniform size and gauges.

The surface finish of the steel sheet is the critical element that influences the customer's decision to purchase. HHIS pulled the leading industrialists and manufacturers to prefer Hot Rolled Steel Coil with our outstanding offering of HR Coil with a better surface finish. Our rolled steel sheets reduce our customers' additional overheads by limiting the sheet surfaces' extra seasoning. Our sheet offers better elongation value than other available HR Steel Sheets in the market. HHIS keeps track of the manufacturers' procurement of Hot Rolled Steel Sheets about the fabrication process as it reflects the sheet quality we deliver to our customers.

HHIS' Rolled Steel offerings have earned a huge market share with customers catered from small to large-scale manufacturing firms. The HR Coil from HHIS is highly durable in the industry. Our customers fulfil Hot Rolled Steel demands for sheets and coils at HH Iron and Steel, Coimbatore's leading JSW HR Sheet Distributor. The dimensional cuts of the Rolled Steel are made precisely. We deliver JSW HR Coils fabricated with corrosion-resistant properties. HHIS' HR Sheets/Coils are restricted to expansion/contraction when reacting to the working nature and conditions. HHIS, the authorized JSW Hot Rolled Sheet Dealer in Coimbatore, offers the best cost-effective quote against our customers' steel sheet requirements.


IS: 2062, E250BR, IS:10748, IS:1079D


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

1.60 mm to 4.90 mm & Width (900, 1000, 1100, 1250, 1500 mm)


Jsw Sail

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HHIS sell HR Sheets/Coils wholesale?

Yes, We offer Hot Rolled Steel Sheet wholesale for the steel requirements quoted by our customers.

What are the locations does HHIS transport HR Coils?

Our fleet operations are available to our customers pinned across South India.

What are the available HR Sheet brands at HHIS?

We deal with JSW Steel and SAIL.

What are the HR Coil Grade Specifications available at HHIS?

At HHIS, we offer Hot Rolled Steel Coils of the grades IS: 2062, E250BR, IS:10748, and IS:1079D


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