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Hot Rolled Steel Plate/Coil is among the most demanding steel products in various industries. HH Iron and Steel is one of the leading JSW HR Steel Coil Dealers in Coimbatore. Our steel house is the go-to steel supplier for engineers, builders, manufacturers, and industrialists. We are stocked with a wide range of Hot Rolled Steel collections to satisfy the varied requirements of our customers.

HHIS is the authorized HR Coil Supplier/Dealer/Distributor of JSW Steel and SAIL. People trust HHIS, as we supply and deliver Hot Rolled Steel of the highest quality and grade. The HR Steel Coils are procured directly from the manufacturers and vendors. Hence, HHIS tops the supplier list with our quality assurance and offerings. The technical properties of Hot Rolled Steel determine the efficiency of the end product, and steel coils are preferred in fabricating steel products.

Corrosion Resistance is a significant property most customers seek out. We, the Hot Rolled Steel Plate Manufacturers, ensure that corrosion-resistant properties are integrated with our HR Plate offerings. We address our customers' concerns with these demanding properties. Our team inspects the fabrication technique of the HR Coil to ensure the steel is fabricated with anti-corrosion properties.

JSW HR Coil is suitable for manufacturing complex steel products where steel is subjected to exposure to environmental and working conditions. We, the JSW HR Coil Dealers, are renowned for delivering highly durable Hot Rolled Steel Coils that are matchless offerings in the marketplace. The Hot Rolled Steel Coils we supply add value to our customers' investment made on the Steel Coil. In addition to cost-effectiveness, HR Coils from HHIS last longer than other available Steel Coils on the market.

Workability and weldability of the Hot Rolled Steel Coil are the properties that sum up the preference for Steel Coil. These are the fundamental properties of steel a customer/user significantly demands. We, the HR Steel Plate Manufacturers, ensure our steel products are fabricated with weldability to allow workers in optimizing the welding operation time. The material composition with the carbon content improves the welding efficiency. HHIS HR Steel Plate enables stronger welds that withstand external loads. The external pressure on the welded rolled steel portion doesn't affect the welds. The Hot Rolled Steel Coil from HHIS assists the customer in having significant control over the steel plate deformation per the detailing requirements. The elasticity of the steel allows the worker to bend or deform the required shape without breaking. The effectiveness of the tensile properties is due to the high tensile strength of the steel plate.

HHIS, the authorized Hot Rolled Steel Plate Supplier/Distributor/Dealer, delivers durable, strong, and rigid steel coils. The hardness of the steel plate has a significant impact on the overall life expectancy of the product. JSW HR Coil has the requisite hardness, which is ensured through the fabrication of uniform thickness. Evenly distributed thickness retains the strength to withstand the load pressure. In addition, when the Steel Coils are required to tensile, the sheets expand evenly within the tolerance limit. We, the JSW HR Coil Suppliers, our customers fulfill their varying requirements in purchasing coils and plates. The dimensions of a steel coil are uniform in every single unit of the steel plate available at our outlet. Our Hot Rolled Steel Coils are utilized to manufacture truck frames, containers, shipbuilding, automotive, tanks, pipes, and tubes. We supply HR Coils to our customers in small-scale to large-scale industries. As we are the authorized distributor/supplier of JSW Steel and SAIL, our steel solutions are free from defects/exceeding tolerances.


IS: 2062, E250BR, IS:1079D


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value


Width (900, 1000, 1100, 1250, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500 mm)

Available Sizes

IS: 2062E250B, IS:1079D, IS:350


Jsw Sail

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hot Rolled Steel Coil Wholesale available at HHIS?

We supply HR Plate wholesale to the customers procuring in huge volumes.

To what locations does HHIS transport HR Steel Coil?

We deliver our steel products to our customers located across South India.

What are the brands available at HHIS?

JSW Steel and SAIL are the brands available at HHIS.


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