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HHIS is the MS Chequered Plate Manufacturers offering steel plates of the highest grade. The MS Diamond Plate is fabricated with the most demanding anti-slip properties. HH Iron and Steel procures the checkered plate ore materials from leading manufacturers. The MS Chekered Plates are the best steel tiles preferred for flooring in steel structures. The checkered patterns on the plates provide the best anti-skid properties. These properties have benefited our customers by laying the add-on pavement in the manufacturing and industrial floorings.

HHIS Checkered Plate Patterns ensure better support that generates friction between the plate and moving objects. Mild Steel Diamond Plates withstand the loads transferred during the working condition and do not result in plate deformation.

The thickness of the MS Chequered Plate is even and uniform throughout the dimension of the plate. The plate preferred in various applications leads it to a cost-effective solution for the investment made on it. HHIS Diamond Plate is rated the top-selling product in the market and segment. We are the authorized MS Chequered Plate Dealer/Distributor/Supplier of JSW Steel and SAIL in Coimbatore. Our procurement standards are at par with the industrial norms that assisted HH Iron and Steel in delivering high-quality Mild Steel Chequered Plates to our customers. The brands we deal with fabricate the MS Diamond Plate following the result-proven manufacturing technique that features customers’ demanding physical properties.

The toughness of the Mild Steel Chequered Plate is featured to restrict the deformation of the external load. HHIS procures JSW Steel Diamond Plates with greater tensile strength helping our customers in lessening their worries about the reliability of the plate. We are the JSW Mild Steel Chequered Plate Dealers, offering reliable and durable Checkered Plates. The diamond patterns are uniform and consistent throughout the plate. Hence, the cutting works of the plate retain the aesthetic continuity of chequered patterns. HHIS, the JSW Mild Steel Chequered Plate Suppliers, benefits our customers by reducing product wastage to the maximum and by cost-cutting wherever possible. In addition, the installation of JSW Mild Steel Chequered Plates is easy with the type of connection to be made. The hole drilling operation can be made precisely on the steel plate from HHIS.

The working environment and temperature conditions vary from industry to industry. Chequered Plates are efficient for paving temporary steel floors irrespective of the industrial nature. HHIS, the leading JSW MS Chequered Plate Dealers/Distributors/Suppliers, procures steel diamond plates with chemical resistance properties. With these resistance properties, the plates serve long-lasting requirements incurring low maintenance. The working environment of a firm does not influence the durability of the plates. These plates do not expand or contract about the temperature rise/fall. JSW Chequered Plates from HHIS are highly preferred where the concrete pavement/flooring is unsuitable. Maintaining friction during the material transfer from one place to another is very important. Mild Steel Chequered Plate outperforms the conventional floor by delivering anti-skid properties.

HHIS Chequered Plates are well-recognized in the construction industry. The utilization of JSW MS Checkered Plate is on the rise in constructing steel staircases. The Diamond Plate performs better anti-skid than the conventional, flat steel plate. These ensure safety measures when using it, regardless of floor levels and additional protective barriers. The JSW Mild Steel Plate has ductile and malleable properties. Therefore the plate can be bent over and deformed into the required forms. These Checkered Plates are preferred in the top pavement layer on the elevator floors. The aesthetically pleasing designs are the major reasons behind their flooring preferences. The hardness and strength of the mild steel plate made it applicable for temporary flooring of the mobile parking facilities. One of the major advantages of the JSW MS Chequered Plate is that it can be assembled and disassembled anytime at ease. At the time of deconstruction of the Diamond Steel Plate, the chances of deformations are very less, and hence the defects can be avoided.


IS: 2062, E250BR


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value


Width (900, 1000, 1100, 1250, 1500 mm)

Available Sizes

3.00 mm to 10 mm


Jsw Sail

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MS Chequered Plates wholesale available at HHIS?

HHIS merchandises Mild Steel Diamond Plates wholesale at the best competitive price for the purchase order quoted by our customers.

Are transportation facilities available?

Yes, HHIS extends fleet operations to customers located across South India.

What are the brands HHIS deals with?

We are the authorized MS Checkered Plate Dealer/Distributor/Supplier of JSW Steel and SAIL.

What are the sizes available at HHIS?

HHIS offers MS Diamond Plates ranging from 3.00 mm to 10 mm.


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