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Are you looking for your industrial building with Galvanized Corrugated Sheet? HH Iron and Steel, the industry’s leading Authorized GC Sheet Distributors/Dealers/Suppliers, is the best destination to fulfill your requirements under one roof. HHIS procures high-quality Metal Roofing Sheets from the most reputed manufacturers, JSW Silveron+, Vizag Steel, SAIL, and Essar. Our wide range collection of JSW Roofing Sheets assists our customers in choosing the brand they are looking for. Metal Roof Sheet from HHIS delivers greater longevity, durability, and reliability functions.

Our team inspects every batch of roofing sheets procured that are zinc coated. This is the critical property a customer greatly appreciates. HHIS holds a huge customer base in the market by offering Al-Zn Coated Metal Roofs at the best competitive prices.

We, the GC Roofing Sheets Manufacturers, maintain uniformity and consistency of the ribbed structure across the length and breadth of the sheet. Our Metal Roofing solutions offer aesthetically pleasing roofs suitable for installation at Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Buildings. HHIS Metal Roofs exhibit high-gloss properties that accompany the building aesthetics and elevations. The structural design of the Metal Roofing Sheet resulted in cost savings, as it reduces maintenance costs and requirements in the long run. We manufacture Roof Sheets with custom ribbed patterns to satisfy customers’ demand.

The thickness and dimensions of the Metal Roof Sheets from HHIS are consistent and uniform in every batch of sheets our team procures from our vendors. Thickness is a significant factor that determines the efficiency of roofing installations. JSW Metal Roofing Sheets are featured with the required toughness and hardnesses. The zinc coating of the Roof Sheets protects the sheets from rust formation when reacting with the other steel materials, such as nuts and bolts, at installation time. We, the JSW Roofing Sheet Dealers, ensure the roofing sheet is highly corrosive resistant since it is zinc coated at the top and bottom surface layers. Our Galvanized Roof Sheet outperforms the market with its durable and reliable properties.

HHIS, the industry’s trusted JSW GC Metal Roofing Sheet Suppliers, offers roofing solutions suitable for all seasonal and climatic conditions. Customers from different locations find the GC Sheets from HHIS the best option to roof their industrial and factory buildings. The Corrugated Roofing Sheet patterns that HHIS offers satisfy our customers in ensuring cost-effectiveness. The zinc coat is a protective top layer that makes the first contact with the atmosphere. Hence, the primary Metal Roof is safe from environmental influences and serves its functionality for a long time.

The durability of the roofing sheet from HHIS is rated among the Top-selling GC Roof Sheets in the market. Due to these outstanding properties, the Galvanized Metal Roofing Sheets are a one-time installation. The reliability of the roofing depends on the material composition preferred in the fabrication process. HHIS team procures Metal Roofing Sheets fabricated with the required metal ore composition to enhance the roofing performance.

The GC Sheets we offer featured thermal insulation properties that enable the worker to experience the optimum room temperature. The sheets are rugged and sturdy. Hence, maintenance and other work activities over the roofs do not lead to deformation or bends. With our unparalleled offerings, we positioned ourselves as the best Metal Roofing Sheets Manufacturers in the iron and steel industry, offering ace-grade products.

We, the leading JSW Metal Roofing Sheet Dealers, fulfil our customers of their roofing requirements. Due to the abundance of availability, we have the advantage of offering our product at the best competitive price. In addition, the roofing sheets are featured with better workability. HHIS Metal Roofing Sheets are suitable for installation in complex roof structures.


IS:1786 Fe415 and IS:1786 Fe500 grade steels(IS:Indian Standard)


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value


Width (800, 840, 910, 1220 mm)

Available Sizes

0.30 mm to 1.25 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do HHIS offer GC Metal Roofing Sheets Wholesale?

HHIS is the wholesaler of Metal Roof Sheets. We offer roofing sheets at the best market price.

What are the locations do HHIS transport GC Sheets?

We supply GC Sheets to our customers located across South India.

What are the brands HHIS deals with?

We are the authorized Screws Dealer/Distributor/Supplier of JSW Steel, SAIL, Vizag Steel, and Essar

What are the roof sheet widths available at HHIS?

HHIS offers a width of sizes 800 mm, 840 mm, 910 mm, and 1220 mm.


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