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Looking for a highly reliable CR Sheet? HHIS is the house of steel solutions to fulfill your CR Sheet requirements. As one of CR Sheets' renowned dealers, we procure high-quality steel solutions from the best manufacturers and OEMs in the industry. Rolled Sheets are one of the primary and demanding components of fabricating the end product in many industries. Physical properties and characteristics of CR Sheet from HHIS enable better functionality when integrated with the fabrication of an end product.

Cold Rolled Sheet is primarily used in engineering applications such as commodities. HHIS’ Rolled Sheet satisfies the customers’ demands on the properties. The significant advantage of the CR Sheet procured from HHIS is that the tolerance and strength of the Rolled Sheet are assured.

The demand and preference for CR Sheets are due to their surface finish and stress/strain characteristics. Cold Rolled Coils from HHIS reserve the improved surface finish throughout the length and width of the Rolled Sheet. We are renowned as the most trusted distributor of Cold Rolled Sheets. We ensure the procured CR Coils from the manufacturers are of uniform thickness and dimensions in all the batches and lots. HHIS has an array of customers catered to various industrial segments. We take pride in positioning ourselves as the authorized CR Sheet dealer/distributor of SAIL and JSW Steel.

Weldability is one of the primary requirements that determine the operational efficiency and quality of the finished product. Technically, steel materials facilitate the welding property. The reliability and durability of weld highly rely on the chemical composition of the CR Sheet. A team of engineers from HHIS source the Cold Rolled Coils of the highest grade, passing our stringent quality testing parameters of weldability. CR Coils enhance welding productivity and significantly eliminate the need for additional work on welds. HHIS’ Cold Rolled Sheet outperforms the industry as the steel sheet withholds the strength when it is welded. The steel materials develop stronger bonds with the adjoining steel metals quickly.

The workability and malleability properties of a Cold Rolled Sheet from HHIS are the major factors pulling the customers’ attention and preferences. The workability of the steel sheet does not affect/impact the strength of the CR Coil. In addition, the CR Coils are fabricated and processed at room temperature. The rise and fall of temperature enhance the strength of the Cold Rolled Coil. HHIS procures the rolled sheet that is processed as recommended. We procure the CR Coil from the leading manufacturers of SAIL and JSW Steel. The workability, strength, and malleable properties of the CR Sheet enable the customer to prefer the steel sheet for various forms of applications.

HHIS’ CR Sheet Coil has the properties of high corrosion resistance. This feature assists our customers in storing the Steel Coils at their warehouse or site location. The CR Sheets are not subjected to expansion or contraction due to seasonal changes and environmental conditions. CR Sheet from HHIS is utilized in the fabrication of furniture, and metal works, where the product is subjected to higher environmental exposure. The procured Rolled Steel has been fabricated with higher strength, withstanding wear, and tear. CR Sheets from HHIS are available at various thicknesses and grades to assist our customers in fulfilling their varying requirements. The preference for Rolled Steel in industrial product applications varies with the type of grade and gauge. At HHIS, our customers have a fleet of choices to purchase the Cold Rolled Sheet to fulfill their demands under one roof.

CR Sheet from HHIS functions longer than the calculated time, assisting our customers in optimizing their recurring and maintenance costs. The sheet does not deform when the load/pressure is applied. HHIS procures Cold Rolled Sheet with hardness and rugged properties to withstand and transfer the load evenly. Get the best quote for your CR Sheet requirement from HHIS, the most renowned authorized dealer of Cold Rolled Sheets in South India.




Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value


Width (900, 1000, 1100, 1250, 1500 mm)

Available Sizes

0.30 mm to 3.0 mm


Jsw Sail

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CR Sheets available wholesale?

Yes. We offer Cold Rolled Sheets at the best prices for wholesale purchases.

To what geographies are the CR Sheet ready to transport?

We ship CR Sheets Coil to customers located across South India.

What are the Cold Rolled Sheet brands HH Iron and Steel deals with?

HHIS is the authorized Supplier and Dealer of SAIL and JSW Steel.

What are the available Cold Rolled Sheet grades at HHIS?

At HHIS, IS:513, IS:513D, IS: OSK, DD KIILED, and ED KIILED are available to our customers.


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