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HH Iron and Steel is the authorized Roof Ventilator Dealer/Distributor In South India. Our fleet of Roof Turbo Ventilators is considered the cost-effective ventilation solution in the market. HHIS’ Whirlybird Ventilator is the first choice of engineers, builders, constructors, and manufacturers.

Roof Ventilators are considered the primary elements for facilitating air ventilation in industrial and commercial buildings. The design and engineering of Whirlybird Vents ensure seamless air suction and ventilation. HHIS satisfies our customers' concerns in the aspects of durable and reliable Wind Ventilator Solutions. Roof/Turbo ventilator for warehouses and other commercial building roofing structures outperforms in maintaining the requisite room temperature.

The operational efficiency of a Turbo Ventilator depends on the environmental air flow and wind speed. Whirlybird Ventilation from HHIS facilitates air flow irrespective of wind speed. Our Engineers inspect the procured roofs to satisfy our design requirements and the featured components.

Turbo Ventilator for warehouse roofing is preferred due to the energy efficiency and cost savings in optimizing the working room temperature. The axial rotation of blades in the Roof Exhaust Fan significantly pulls the prevailing hot air from the room and efficiently pushes the cold air into the building. The Wind Turbine Ventilator from HHIS is the top-selling product in the segment. The effortless axial rotation enables greater suction of the prevailing indoor air.

The durability and reliability of a vent system rely on the fabrication of a ventilation system. As we are the Authorized Roof Ventilator Dealer of JSW Steel, Vizag Steel, and SAIL, HHIS’ Turbo Ventilator is highly durable and is a one-time installation. The ventilators we procure are watertight. Of this most demanding special feature, our customers prefer our Roof Vents for operating in all seasons and weather conditions. Our testing policies ensure the ventilator design is featured to restrict the water flow. HHIS’ Wind Turbine Ventilators outperform in the rainy season. In addition, the Roof Exhaust Fan we deal with is corrosion-resistant. Whirlybird Ventilators from our vendors are manufactured with the highest grade of materials that withstand the temperature fall and rise. Commercial Roof Ventilators are not subject to breakdown or maintenance due to external wind pressure. HHIS’ Commercial Roofing Vents are fabricated with strong and rugged materials.

Design and engineering detailing of Wind Turbine Ventilators determine the operational efficiency and estimated time for functionality. The product design of the Vent Turbine from HHIS surpasses the expectation with its design provisions for durable installations. Roof Vents are easy to install, incurring a short time for complete installation. HHIS’ Wind Turbine Ventilator facilitates the transfer of indoor air, regardless of the wind speed. We assist our customers in creating the best working environment for their workers within their industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial Ventilators are engineered significantly to ensure high-valued machines and materials are safe from the external environment, i.e. rain or dust.

HHIS addresses our customers’ concerns about the noisy operation of Commercial Roof Ventilators. Our Wind Turbine Ventilation enables noiseless working environments for our customers. The working temperature varies from industry to industry. The Roof Exhaust Fan from HHIS is suitable to withstand the prevailing working temperature indoors. The efficiency of ventilation we deliver assists the users in minimizing the volume of installation requirements. HHIS’ Commercial Roofing Ventilators offer seamless ventilation functions in all industrial verticals. Firms with administrative offices and cabins prefer roof vents from HHIS for the serene ambience, aiding our customers to initiate client meetings.

At HHIS, we offer Commercial Roof Turbo Vents in various sizes. Whirlybird Ventilators incur low maintenance. These Wind Turbine Ventilation Systems aids in saving overhead costs in the long run. Industrial Roofing Ventilators are suitable for the industries such as manufacturing, warehouse, distribution centres, and logistics.


IS:1786 Fe415 and IS:1786 Fe500 grade steels(IS:Indian Standard)


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

8mm to 32mm


Jsw Sail Inhousebrands

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roof Ventilators available wholesale?

Wind turbine ventilator wholesale is available to the customers quoting in mass volumes and bulk quantities.

To what geographies are the commercial roofing ventilators ready to transport?

We deliver ventilators to customers located in South India.

What are the Roof Vent brands HH Iron and Steel deals with?

HHIS is the authorized Supplier and Dealer of SAIL, Vizag Steel, and JSW Steel.

What are the available ventilator sizes at HHIS?

At HHIS, 8 mm to 32 mm are the sizes available to our customers.


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