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Looking to source a high-quality Round Bar? HHIS is the right destination for you to fulfill your requirements. Our fleet of JSW MS Round Bar collections assisted our customers from MSMEs to Large Scale industries, manufacturing products with Bright Round Bars as a core material. HHIS Bright Bars are highly welcomed by the industry’s leading manufacturers and industrialists. The never-ending demand for Round Bars is due to their preference for the production of highly engineered products.

HHIS MS Round Bar outperforms by enhancing the product detailing with greater precision and accuracy when the Round Bar is subjected to tooling operations. We procure Steel Round Bar from the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as Vizag Steel and JSW Steel, as we are the Authorized Bright Bar Distributor/Dealer in South India.

HHIS MS Round Bars are featured with the most demanding physical properties, typically expected by our customers. The prime and superior quality of Bright Bar available at HHIS has pulled the attention of manufacturers towards our steel house. The ductility, workability, reliability, and high strength of JSW Round Bars have satisfied our customers to a great extent as it surpasses the checklist framed by the customers to prefer the MS Bars from HHIS, the Mild Steel Round Bars Dealers, for fabricating other products. The dimension and thickness of the Round Bar are the critical factors influencing its preference. HHIS team practices stringent quality testing to procure JSW MS Round Bars of requisite properties.

The hardness in the inner core of the Bright Round Bar and the outer surface finish are the core reasons behind the preference for MS Round Bar. HHIS has a special team to procure the Mild Steel Bright Bar from the industry’s best manufacturers. Our quality control inspects Bright Bar for hardness and surface finish. We, the MS Round Bar Manufacturers, enable our customers to fulfill the fundamental requirements and to have hands-on control over the engineering processes of other products produced with the aid of MS Bars. Technically, Round Bars are engineered under higher spindle speed and tooling pressure. HHIS Bright Bar enhances the tooling operation through its efficient properties. The hardness and toughness of an HHIS’ MS Round Bar enable our customers to produce high-profile engineered products at the specified requirements.

Mild Steel Bright Bar from HHIS is highly durable, hence increasing an end product's life expectancy. The long-lasting properties of our Bright Bar have created benchmarking results in the industry. We have been renowned as the go-to distributor for Bright Bar in the market for delivering MS Bar featured with our customers' most demanding technical requirements. HHIS has added value to our customers by enhancing the quality and reliability of the product they manufacture. The production of a steel product is determined holistically. Hence, operational efficiency relies even on nuts and bolts. MS Round Bars are used by forging industries, bright bar industries, auto-ancillaries, foundation and anchor bolts, pins, rollers, bushes, and many other engineering industries. HHIS holds a customer base from various industries. We ensure the Round Bars are suitable to satisfy the requirements of different industrial manufacturers.

Some of the manufacturing industries look for Round Bars featured with ductility. We, the JSW MS Bright Bars Suppliers, offer result-proven ductile properties featured in the round bars. The Mild Steel Rounds from our steel house have higher tensile strength. Hence, the bars subjected to mechanical operations resist the breaking point to a great extent. The elongation value is one of the notable properties that determine the efficiency of JSW MS Rounds. HHIS’ Round Bars are featured with better elongation value retaining the required toughness and thickness when engineered under certain manufacturing conditions.

In addition, the working condition of a manufacturing process is also an influential factor in manufacturing a workpiece from the MS Rounds. HHIS Round Bars enhance manufacturing by eliminating defects when the bars are machined and tooled. We supply Mild Steel Bright Bars of various dimensions procured from JSW Steel and Vizag Steel to our customers, which ensure error and tolerance-free manufacturing of engineered products.


IS: 2062, SAE, EN8, EN9, EN8D


Longer & Better Durability | Higher Tensile Strength | Better Elongation Value

Available Sizes

6 mm to 140 mm


Jsw Inhousebrands ISI

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MS Rounds available wholesale?

HHIS offers Bright Bars at wholesale price to our customers quoting for large volume requirements.

What are the locations does HHIS transport Mild Steel Bright Bar?

We deliver Bright Bars to customers located across South Inda.

What are the brands HH Iron and Steel deals with for Round Bars?

We deal with the highly valued brands JSW Steel and Vizag Steel.

What are the sizes of Rounds available at HHIS?

At HHIS, we offer MS Round Bars of sizes ranging from 6 mm to 140 mm.


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